1 Jul

Keeping You Updated……..

We know your wheels are the ducatis and edger bikes that are on the market.  Honda is also trying to capture your attention with the new CB750 smart bike.  Eco-friendly is the way to go..

Honda’s futuristic 2015 CB750 concept appears to be simply the next in a long line of pioneering motorcylces, but if the technology it promises actually makes it to the marketplace, we think it will once again set the standard for sportbikes. The CB-Series has been revered for many years, embracing Honda’s “less is more” mentality that has carried over into every mode of transportation that Honda produces. At a time when other motorcycle companies were producing massive v-twins laden with superfluous parts, Honda one-upped its competitors by making light, sporty, compact motorbikes with powerful inline engines. These bikes are still sought after today, for good reason. This newest iteration of the series features a hydrogen-powered 750cc engine with a dual clutch transmission and Nissan GTR-like launch and grip controls.

An electro-magnetic suspension similar to those pioneered and perfected by Cadillac helps pilot the CB750 through tight S-curves, and myriad safety features like an airbag (seriously!), traction control, ABS, and laser guiding braking compliment the bikes aggressive look. The bike also features touch-screen OLED displays that make today’s distance-to-empty gauges seem just a little dated: things such as driving behavior, tuning information, and driving record are logged continuously throughout one’s travels. Rounding out the futuristic package is the expected aluminum and carbon fiber frame. If the CB750 can deliver on its promises, Honda’s reputation for benchmark motorcycles should be safe until at least 2016.


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