20 Jul

Take A Closer Look!

How would you feel if your children or Siblings were devocalize through surgery? Umm……. Then, how is that an acceptable practice on your beloved pets?

The devocalization surgery involves cutting an animal’s vocal cords to impede them from making sounds.  The surgery exposes animals to the potentiality of infections, blood loss, and scarred vocal cord tissue regrowth, which in turns provoke chronic coughing, gagging and breathing difficulties, according to the Humane Society.

In April of this year  Governor Deval Patrick, after receiving astounding bipartisan support on banning the debarking surgery. He signed the measure named Logan’s Law into law.Logan was a Belgian Sheepdog that was devocalized and then abandoned.

Both The Humane Society and the ASPCA are supporters of this bill.  The Animal Hospital Association and the ASPCA all feel strongly that devocalization surgery should only be perform as a last resort and the law has that as an out for the public.  It is not only dangerous and delicate surgery, which can cause infections and may result in hemorrhaging or aspiration pneumonia.  The surgery is banned 100% in the United Kingdom.


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