22 Jul

The Sound You Need To Hear

This week special feature:


SI SE * is one of my favorite artist.  I know you take pride in always knowing what’s going on with real new music not just what’s on the radio.

So my brother decided to take me to a SI SE* concert, all I knew previously is that she is a Dominican underground artist. After I took in the experience, she really blew my shoe off. I was really overwhelmed with her demeanor, talent, and know you will too when you take the time to check her out. Her sound is very unique.  She sounds almost like an updated version of the artist Sade (Sade of the future) and I was excited.  SI SE* has a very original sound and mixes in everything from smooth jazz, hip-hop, dance and Caribbean textures in her music.  I am sure it has something to do with her American Dominican background.  Si Se* sings in English and Spanish and is doing huge things in the underground world Right now her fan base is determined to make her known world wide.  I love that she is a performer at first and I can tell her live performances is what makes her feel right at home with her fans.

Her new album “GOLD” is out so look out!! SI SE* Coming!

Check out some of my favorite songs By SI SE*

SI SE*’s Website Info on her shown in NY.


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