22 Jul

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Three = NBA Championship?

In the 90s to the mid 2000s, it was the Batman and Robin duel, plus a great supporting cast that deliver the coveted NBA championship.  Please don’t take that cast and coach for granted. Even though, you might have two max contract superstar players, you still need five players on the floor and at least eight quality player to win it all.  The bench play is very crucial. A team has never won without a great bench play or excellent play from their role players.

Let’s take a look back into the present past, you always see the superstars taking credit for winning and also the losing but the role players need some of the credits whether positive or negative.  In the 90s, with Jordan and Pippen the bulls ran through the league until Jordan retired.  But what is overlooked through those era was that they had some excellent bench and role players that played up to their potentials.  With the likes of the Rodmans, Kerrs, Paxsons, Harpers, Grants, and so forth the all contributed to those championships. Without them playing their roles the championships would have evaded the Chicago Bulls like the years previously.  Jordan can even testify to that as he tried to do it, for six years before trusting his role players to play their role and in the seventh year, the first year of him trusting his team mates it all came together and they got the job done.

The turn of the new century brought us a new Batman and Robin dynasty.  Oneal and Bryant, they would the first three NBA titles of the new century.  As usual if they didn’t have a great supporting cast they wouldn’t have won any of the those championships, but rather would have been the runner-up all those three years.  Without the likes of Fisher, Horry, and etc…., they would have been the team going home with their head held low.  Funny fact…. Robert Horry, a great role player has seven rings, one more than Jordan the greatest of all time.  Him and Fisher shooting deliver the first and third no questions asked.

The Spurs has the twin tower and that deliver championship as well.  But Even Duncan and the Robinson would be the first to tell you they had plenty of help from their bench and role players.

Present and as of late, the new era is the three-piece team.  Since you have the Boston Celtics in 2008, winning the champions after the three stars joining forces earlier that same year.  Teams are in the mood of trying to make that deal as well.  Presently, you have the Miami Heat with the 3 kings.  The three superstars Wade, Bosh, James all taking less than the max deal to be united in Miami.  Now the crazy part of the mathematics is the trying to find quality role players to fill the roster to win the NBA title.  Honestly, the three alone does not equal championships and people please don’t be fooled.  It’s all come down to quality role players for any team going after that coveted NBA title to capture it.

The Future?????? Are Chris Paul  and Carmelo Anthony join Stoudemire in NY?


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