28 Jul

From Reality-mates To Team-mates

Two of the prolific wide receivers of all time have teamed up on the same cable network (VH1) and now are sharing the same team and playing field….. Some of you are happy and others want to know are there enough balls to go around?

Now we all have heard the drama with T.O. who real name is Terrell Owens.  He has been with 3 different teams in the last three years.  This sure first round future hall of famer has had to many incident  from his days in San Fransico to Dallas, and even on his ways to Buffalo last year.  Now to be fair, not all the drama situations have been of his doing but he seems never to shy away from the spot light.  All these extra activities have been taking away from his play on the field.

The 36 year old veteran understandingly so is thinking about his future after football and he started acting and journeying into other business ventures.  This year has been hard for T.O. to find a team to call home even though he was on his best behavior last season down in Buffalo.   That is mainly due to the fact of his prior reputation of being a  team destroyer and teams feel like he might have lost a step.  In fact, history is against T.O. has only 4 player 36 and above have had thousand yards seasons.  Looking closer at T.O., he is an extraordinary type of player who if he doesn’t go over a thousand yards this year would shock a lot of us.  Last year, was a fluke, just look at his average per catch was higher than his career average, to me that is not losing a step.  Buffalo didn’t have a steady quarterback and a failing offensive line so how were the inexperience quarterbacks suppose to get the ball out to T.O.? But whenever they got it to him he ran with it like his old self has been doing for many years previously.

T.O. has ink a deal with VH1 for his T.O. Show.   After his first successful season on the network and this season he brought along Chad Ochocinco formerly known as Chad Johnson.  Now Chad is on the network for his first season of Ochocinco ‘ the ultimate catch’.  The both air on Sundays back to back from 9 to 10 :30 p.m..

Mr. Ochocinco hasnt been a quiet personality by any stretch on the word but he has been under contract with the Bengals so he is okay in that department for now.  But from his post touchdown celebration fines to his words with his quarterback and so forth, he has had his of drama as well.

Chad, who is 32 years old, had a playoff to forget.  He was blanket by D. Revis of the New York Jets and only has two receptions in the game.

Lets look past all the distractions and just pay attention to the numbers.  These two talented athletes have accomplished a lot in their careers and they both need to put their egos aside and go get a champion together since T.O. has been sign by the Bengals.  Ochocinco has been one of his greatest lobbyist and Carson Palmer cosigned him as well.  The numbers don’t lie, they both over their careers have combine for over 16,900 receptions, 24,900 yards, 14.8 average yards per catch, and 206 touchdowns.  Now you let me know what you think?


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