Are you an all around leader? even in the bedroom?

17 Aug

Maintenance Of The Ultimate Leadership Tool

Many of you leaders try to  workout and eat healthy on a daily basis, hoping to ensure a healthier lifestyle; but what about your sexual lifestyle? do you lead or are you lead? How do you maintain a workout for it?

Most of you are unaware that you can also take certain measures or maybe even what those measures are for a healthier sexual lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips for you maintain a leadership sexual health Life:

1. Maintain an annually check routine:- We all know that some of you don’t like visiting the doctor’s office for any reason, whether you feel its a waste of time or you don’t enjoy the tests.  But a yearly physical is not only necessary to your sexual health but more so for your overall health.

2. Limit stress in your life:- Stress can leave you feeling overwhelm, worried, uptight and very nervous, and can also lead to sexual problems as well.  If you allow stress to manage your life, instead of the other way around, your life will soon feel as if it is out of control.  Learn stress management techniques, find ways to handle anger and sadness, and you will be doing your part to maintain your sexual health (and your sanity).

3. Another reason to quit smoking:- You want to be the best performer that you can be in the bedroom, well doctors have concurred that smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men.  Smoking destroys the small arteries that deliver blood to the penis, making it very difficult at times to maintain erection.  Research proves that smoking reduces sperm count and quality, while majority of men who suffer from ED are smokers.

4. Do Kegel exercises:- Usually associated with women, Kegel exercises can increase sexual enjoyment in men as well.  Kegels are a way to strengthen the muscles that connect the base of the penis with the tailbone.  These muscles act to control the flow of fluids through the urethra, so by learning how to control them, you can delay ejaculation to heighten your orgasm.  To learn how these muscles feel, try stopping the flow of urine the next time you urinate.  These are the muscles you need to tighten, so to do Kegels, just squeeze the muscles, hold them for a few seconds, and then relax them.  By contracting these muscles, you gradually build up their strength, and your pleasure.

5.Lower your alcohol intake:- You may enjoy the buzz you feel when you drink alcoholic beverages, you are putting yourself at risk for ED.  Alcohol may make you feel sexier by lowering inhibitions, but it also reduces libido, causes erection problems, and often times impairs the ability to have an orgasm.



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