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17 Aug


Posted By: Jennifer Nova

Is he the savior or just another politician? Well Sean Penn has an opinion…….

Actor Sean Penn called artist Wyclef  “A non- presence” in Haiti

By now we have all heard that multi-millionaire recording artist Wyclef Jean started running for presidency in Haiti’s election on November 28th 2010.  Since then the recording artists have been questioned by many people weather or not he is suitable enough for the position.  Actor Sean Penn who Co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization and has been managing an earthquake survival Camp in the Haitian capital (which have raised 9 million dollars after Haiti’s disaster) stated that he does not know Jean personally and while he does credit him for being an important voice for haiti has suspicions of Jean possibly being backed up by corporate interests and opportunist that want to take advantage of his celebrity.  Sean Penn also called Wyclef Jean a non-presence in Haiti after the disater.  There are many suspicions; Pros and Cons in regards to weather Wyclef Jean would be appropriate for such an important position for Haiti.  Just before Sean penn commented on this matter his former Fugee music group member Prakaziel Samuel Mitchelle also known as “Praz” also stated why he questions weather or not Wyclef is suitable.  Praz have insinuated that he supports Wyclef as a member of the Haitian community and a voice but cannot support his views because it doesn’t seem like Wyclef Jean’s intentions are focusing on Haitis future.   Praz might make some valid points but let’s not forget he is currently endorcing another Music Artist “Sweet Nicki for Haiti’s presidency.  Makes you question his intentions also doesn’t it?  This is definitely a subject of leadership here at FourFront and all FourFront readers should all have an opinion on it.  After all Leadership is what we stand for, so what do you think?

Internal News

Fantasia attempts suicide

Recording artist and Broadway performer Fantasia was hospitalized on Monday night.  An anonymous caller at 8:55 AM called 911 and said the singer had token a bottle of aspirin and was slowly losing consciousness.  Due to reports the suicide Attempt was due to being named as “The Other Woman” in a divorce petition by Paula Cook (the current but not legally settled Ex-wife of Antwaun Cook) who accuses Fantasia of stealing her husband.  Fantasias entertainment manager says the incident is due to the stress and amount of publicity exacerbating her emotionally and mental state.

Fantasia is a strong successful talented woman and there are a lot of women that feel we cant handle the stress that comes along with certain romantic situations and matters of the heart.  Fantasia is going through a time were she needs strong people around her and needs the time to evaluate why she whole heartedly thought attempting suicide was the only way out.  Many women go through depression and hard times, and yes even strong women.  Most women disregard seeking help or someone to speak to because they are convinced it might mean they are crazy.  Speaking to someone about these issues can actually make you a more stable person and teach you to handle imperfect times in your life.  Please seek help if you have thoughts of suicide, hurting yourself, or going through emotions that make you feel suicide is the way to go for any reason.

Please find a therapist right for you in your local area they are also known to work with or without health insurance and sliding scales.


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