Leaders of the Underground sounds

17 Aug

This week special feature:


If you’re a hippie at heart or just appreciate good music you will love this brainy, hostile and psychedelic duo.   The MGMT Band (pronounced “management”) was formed in 2002 by two art students Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngardens.  MGMT’S hometown is Williamsburg Brooklyn N.Y. but they were born in Connecticut. MGMT’S sounds and style make you feel like you are partying in 2070.

The creativity to their music can be dark, mystical and humorous at the same time sounds like all major 1970’s artist meshed in to one.   Ben Goldwasser comments in an interview  “ there wasn’t a point where we were like ‘hey, I like you, I like your style it just came from us hanging out messing around and making songs.  After a while we had two or three, and then it was four, and then at some point we just kind of realized we had a band”.

After the release of their album A Time To pretend EP they were signed to Columbia and started recording their album with Flaming Lips producer Dave Friddmann.  In 2010 MGMT released their second album “Congratulations”.  It shouldn’t surprise you they were art major’s, only truly artistic people are able by virtue of imagination and talent to create music and videos like MGMT does so get to know them you will love it.  MGMT is a breath of fresh air and its time to bring back the feel of the summer of love to the 21st century.



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