28 Oct



Fashion……. What does it mean to you??

Fashion to me is understanding  how I feel and to express it through my appearance.  Its self expression to apparel, accessories, etc.____ Jing C.

I am fashion.  It is what I wear to work.  ____ Leo

To me, fashion is an outward expression of our inner personality and self understanding.  People express themselves in many ways as far as appearance goes such as hair color or tattoos.  What is so great about fashion is, we can change it everyday depending our our mood or what is happening in our lives: being in love, going through a breakup, losing weight.

My fashion has drastically changed over the years as I have grow into my own.  When I was younger my fashion was more of a way to hide instead of be seen.  Especially for women as we develop self confidence our fashion develops to echo this transition.  As a child I would be drawn to the newest trends where now my wardrobe contains many classic pieces that I can change up depending on my accessories.

So in a nutshell, fashion to me is so fantastic in that it allows me to really display my mood, feelings and creativity in an outward form.  As an artist I tend to think of the body as a canvas that can be reworked in a way that directly juxtaposes what we feel and what we see.     ____ EB Cole!!!

Fashion to me is understanding fashion pieces and accessories to master mix myself and my vision through my life and culture.  I do not care about ” so called fashion people or fashion gods” who try and dictate what is correct to wear or not.  I think of each person as an individual or their own person.  Who is someone to say that my style or fashion is correct or not?_____ Omar G.

Fashion is my swag.  So I’m fly all day and my style inspires fashion. ___ DC


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