31 Oct

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Posted By: Jennifer Nova

Bronx Alehouse

Need a quick bite? Nice night for dinner out?

This place will become one of your favorites especially if you are an uptowner.  The Bronx Ale House has a very rustic and chill out feng shui and the people it attracts all seem to go there for one of the two things, to indulge in there flavor packed menu or to just have a good time and introduce themselves to a new and interesting beer.  The Bronx Ale House bar doesn’t offer you regular peanuts and waffle fries, there is so much to choose from.  They have really good Irish entrees and if you are feeling like American cuisine they do it also and you can bet that the chef takes his food seriously.  The Bronx Bomber sliders are beyond juicy and jazzed up with the chef’s special sauce, the sweet potato fries are made just right and the triple threat is to die for.  When you get the check don’t be surprised if its no more than thirty bucks for two they’re pricing is surprisingly recession friendly.

Check out the Bronx Alehouse ‘s website for yourself

For directions and address information click on the link below then click on directions.


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