22 Nov

This Week in Fashion

FF Columnist: Samantha Dudnath


This winter 2010 we are seeing trends that are familiar, and those that are fresh and new.  Take a look at what will not only keep us looking hot, but keep us warm as well…..

Turtlenecks: The first thought that comes to mind when I hear “turtlenecks” is nerd, or dated.  Like anything else, it depends on the cut, style, fabric, and how you wear it.  If you wear a turtleneck dress, wear a nice pair of booties.  Add some fun and personality with bangles or earrings.  Finding a necklace that works could be a challenge as there is already a lot of fabric, opt for a long chain with a stone or metal pendant.


Patchwork: Of all the recent trends, this is my personal favorite.  Perfecting this trend can be difficult as it involves a mixture of different pieces put together as one outfit.  You have to be careful with this one ladies, if you do not choose the pieces wisely you will not only look overdone, but you may end up on a passerby’s worst dressed list.  This is such a great way to mix colors, textures and patterns.  Working classic or vintage pieces with a few funky is hot to really make this look pop.  Patchwork is a fun way to go because you will definitely stand out in a crowd.


Thigh-high boots: Julia Roberts knew what she was talking about back in the days of “Pretty Woman”.  Thigh-high boots have graced themselves back onto the streets of New York.  Worn with patterned tights and a cute shirt dress this trend can be worn day or night.  Done right, this can create a polished, sexy and feminine look.  Be sure if you are showing some leg up top that you be more conservative on the rest of your look.  This look is flirtatious as well as practical in the cold weather approaching.  Thigh high boots are the new winter essential.

Gloves: Well, this one is no surprise.  Gloves are becoming less about practicality and more about fashion.  To be more specific, fingerless lace gloves.  They are gorgeous and feminine and remind me of my childhood days dancing to Madonna videos.  The style icon strikes again.  Others to look out for are half gloves that come to your knuckles, and gloves that go to your elbows.

Some of these trends you may have heard of, and some of these may be all new to you. Try one or all this winter.  Keep in mind that although fashion is about looking good, it’s also about being comfortable in your own skin.  Be confident, be sexy and keep it classy ladies.


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