22 Nov

Keeping You Updated……..

FF Columnist: Samantha Dudhnath

What is a “hipster?”  To put it lightly, a hipster is someone who values independent thinking, ideas and progressive politics.  Not worried about fitting into a certain mold or societal group.  Conformity is irrelevant, creativity and wit reign supreme.  Oddly enough, they would not refer to themselves as a “hipster” or any such name, fitting a mold is counterproductive to their image.


If you walked down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… you have most likely witnessed more than one hipster.  If you cannot pinpoint a hipster, how can you speculate how they live?  I am going to let you in on the secret life of a hipster.  How would I know?  Because I have socialized with many who, in my opinion, did not even realize they were. I have no problem admitting to myself, or to you, that I pretty much fall into the world of hipster chic.  That is another article for another time.

For the most part a hipster goes above and beyond to live against the pop culture lifestyle.  Instead of seeing them at Starbucks, they will be at the new trendy coffee joint that opened last week in Greenpoint.  They read books by Chuck Palahniuk, absolutely and positively do not listen to the radio, wear skinny jeans, only use Apple products, and their main means of transportation is a bicycle. Music is a hipster’s forte.  That indie-rock band you heard playing at Terminal 5?  Yeah, they knew about them two years ago.

By all means do not speculate that a hipster is one to be avoided.  They may let their standoffish demeanor scare you, but they are some of the nicest, coolest people I’ve had the privilege to meet.  Hipsters usually have such a diverse and particular taste in music while also being one up on knowing the best coffee spots and great after work bars to relax and grab a drink.  I recommend not shying away from them, even if you think they might seem unfriendly.  This is all part of the hipster culture.


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