Happy Thoughtful Thanksgiving

24 Nov

Thoughtful Thanksgiving!!!

Nowadays, when most of us think or speak about Thanksgiving holidays,  we focus on black friday, time of from work or cyber monday.  We tend to forget the history of these holiday season and get all caught up in the shopping with the great so-called discounts.

The pilgrims or being thankful about the trial and tribulation the Creator helps us overcome,  they are actually a distance second from our mind or train of thought.  Especially in these trying times, these holiday should be less about spending and more about being thankful and helpful.  That is why I can not even get into these holiday spirit.  America and other countries, along with retailers have turned all these meaningful holidays into an excuse for consumers to feel good about throwing the life saving away.

The sales and specials haven taken over these genuinely family shared moments and holidays.  Black friday is actually the biggest single shopping day of the year (the pilgrims must be turning over in their graves).  So when you sit down around the table or get ready to eat, be thoughtful and thankful for what you do have and your family coming together safely.  Not for what you are about to acquire or how much you are going to throw away on black friday or cyber monday.


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