2 Dec

Have you ever broke up with your mate after years of dating?  or have you ever had to divorce your soul mate after years of marriage?….. Now imagine seeing them weeks, months or even years later.How would you feel? or react?  How about, you being in a stadium full of people you have hurt in the past,  what would go through your mind?….   Imagine  Lebron James has to return to the town and city he left behind when he up rooted to Miami.  How he is going to handle a stadium full of people who dislike or hate you.  Tomorrow night you might want to turn on the television to see this event.  How he would react and how the crowd will handle it.  If  you where in his shoes, what would you do? How would you expect the fan to act?  If you are one of the fans at that game how would you react?……. Leave your comments.


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