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6 Dec

Courage of a leader? or Cowardly act?

Samantha Dudhnath


By now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard rumbles about Wikileaks and them publishing classified U.S. information.  What does this mean exactly?  And does this affect us?.

Wikileaks is a website that publishes documents that were previously unavailable to the public through anonymous sources.  The website was launched in 2006 and is run by The Sunshine Press.

Wikileaks is releasing classified U.S. diplomatic cables sent to and from other U.S. embassies from other countries throughout the world.  These cables include embassy reports of local governments and the details of activities of the U.S. government in each country. Wikileaks will publish a total of 251,287 cables.


Why are these U.S. diplomatic cables being published?  According to, “The cables appear to be the single most significant historical archive ever released.  This affects basic and heartfelt issues all over the world; geopolitics and democracy; human rights and the rule of law; national resources and global trade.”  There is no evidence that these leaks will harm anyone. also states, “As part of the review process, we requested the US State Department, which has claimed to have conducted an extensive review of the material of its own over the last few months, to provide the titles of the cables which we should look at with extra care.”

The embassy cables will be released in small increments instead of all at once.  It would be overwhelming, and would not provide the information justice if it were to be released all at once.  Each cable should have the right to have its own time to be discussed.  Wikileaks is not stating the sources they received their information from.  What does this information mean, and how will it affect us?  According to they believe that “the US embassy cables cover serious issues for every country in the world with a US diplomatic presence.  The cables extensively cover the past five years, and reach back to 1966.  As far as knowledge about what is truly going on in the world can influence our decisions, this material must result in political change and reform.”



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