8 Dec

YouTube as a medium for Art

I discover Jacob Patterson Art’s Channel

Anya Martinez

'Pic1-JacobPatterson-YouTube as a medium for Art-Art'

I may be late to this scene, but art on Youtube is news to me.

Not the most expected medium, but channels like the Jacob Patterson Art’s Channel, are popping up all over YouTube, taking advantage of the world’s largest video sharing website. Everyone wants to be unique, be heard, remembered and noticed, especially artists.   Everyone knows it is pretty tough making a living off of any type of art, (I’m a writer, I know), so I think it to be a genius idea to use a social media medium to promote and market artwork……

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping



'Pic2-JacobPatterson-YouTube as a medium for Art-Art'

From what I viewed on Jacob Patterson’s channel, he is extremely creative and talented. What really caught my eye is that a lot of his work is done live.  There is more to be seen than just the finished product, the process becomes just as relevant and important.  Being able to view the inspiration behind a particular piece also helps the viewer to delve deeper into the subject.  If I just wanted to see art, I would go to a museum, yet the experience of seeing art made is much more intriguing.

'pic3-Customshoe-YouTube as a medium for Art-Art'

He discusses a social media experiment, in which you can send him, artwork, quotes, scribbles, photos, anything really in order to inspire him, and you can also win some free art.  If you are interested in that, check out his channel and his Social Media Art video. He also does a tutorial on custom painted leather shoes.  His custom shoes are really amazing, so if this is something that pertains to your interest, it is definitely worth taking a second look at.  His DeviantArt page and his Tumblr are also listed.  Trust me, you will be far from disappointed, and maybe even inspired to create something yourself.


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