8 Dec

Fashion At London’s  Film Festival

Samantha Dudhnath


Back in the hey day, costumes in film were more than just tricks of CGI, and 3D.  They actually meant something.  They were glamorous, sophisticated, and sexy.  You noticed them, you had to notice them.  They were a mechanism film-makers used to attract audiences.  London’s third Fashion in Film Festival, Birds of Paradise, is being held at several major art venues across London.  This will give Londoner’s, and anyone else willing to travel to this spectacle, a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty and architecture of the costumes….

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping

The Fashion in Film Festival has become the forefront in implementing fashion and film.  But it is more than just fashion in film.  “The festival encourages critical response to its content, and addresses current practices in the context of film’s long history. Dedicated to promoting new ideas and experimentation, Fashion in Film Festival also commissions new work in contemporary “fashion moving image”, bringing together artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, performers and musicians” states
The majority of the films being played at the festival are going to be silent ones.  Without all the talking you notice the surroundings, for example: the costumes.  And in my perspective there’s more of a sense of dreaminess when there’s not all that nonsense of talking going on!

If you’re in London be sure to check out Birds of Paradise: The 3rd Fashion in Film Festival which will be held at the Tate Modern, BFI Southbank, Barbican, Horse Hospital, Somerset House from the 1 to 12 December.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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