9 Dec

This Week in Fashion


Samantha Dudhnath

Sneakers are no longer the boring white and black Adidas you used to wear in middle school.  In more recent days, guys are matching their sneakers with their T-Shirts, and girls are wearing their Converses with their dresses.  Forget about wearing them solely as athletic wear.  They have become a part of our street style.  Whether you are a guy or a gal here are seven ways each to get the look right:…..

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1. Chuck Taylor 2 Strap Hi in Dark Violet & White By Converse $80.00: This patent leather hi-top sneaker with Velcro straps can be worn with skinny jeans or layered with a an eclectic tutu over it.  Think playful and fun due to the bright color palette.  Bright colors can be worn with other bright colors, as long as you know how to piece everything together.  Always remember, confidence is key.

2. All Star Pink and Purple Heart Double Tongue Low Tops by Converse $50.00: These Converse sneakers are pink with a purple tongue, and have an extra tongue that is covered in hearts.  They have a white outsole and a purple trim.  They can be worn with just about anything.  Wear with a dark or light pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or a dress.  The best part is, they are super comfortable.

3. Black Mesh Blazer Hi Sneaker by Nike $78.00: A new take on the classic 1974 basketball sneaker.  Pink neon topped with a black mesh and a black mesh Swoosh.  This would look cute with jeans or leggings.

4. Metallica Hadley High Tops by Vans $60.00: These stunning Vans are a rich suede upper with metallic leather trim and toe cap.  There is a cutout detail at the cuff, and it is quilted at the back.  They can be worn with black or dark gray skinny jeans.
5. Plaid Boot Sneaker by Converse $125.00: This is a perfect combo of a high top sneaker and boot.  They feature a plaid upper portion combined with leather trim.  They can be worn with thermal leggings, jeans, skinny jeans or a simple dresses with no patterns.

6. The Everybody Hi Americas Cup in Green by Alife $115.00: This hi top sneaker has a mesh upper portion along with a textured leather trim, and suede heel.  This can be worn with an 80’s inspired look.

7. Glitter High Top Sneaker by Santo $28.00: Hi top sneakers with a perfect glitter finish. Wear this with your favorite little black dress, and you will be sure to get some attention.

8. The Vaider Sneaker in Black/Gray/Blue by Supra $78.00: This sneaker has black and gray suede on top along with a light blue piping detail.  Most guys like to pair their sneakers with their T-shirts, so this can be worn with a blue T-shirt.

9.Aina Chukka Boot By Nike $105.00: These are an updated version of the chukka boot by Nike.  It has a suede upper with a woven panel detailing at the side and contrast leather trim (reminiscent of a Cole Haan bag).

10.Bed Stu System $138.00: These shoes were named after the Brooklyn neighborhood Bed Stuyvesant.  They have an innovative design with a rugged military look and feel.  A distressed canvas and an aged leather look.  These shoes will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

11. The Hundred Jackson Low Sneaker $78.00: This low top sneaker features rich green suede uppers, with a yellow contrast panel.  Pair with a yellow T-shirt or another color that would compliment this palette.

12. X Ransom The Dune Sneaker by Adidas $135.00: These modern outdoor-inspired sport boots are desert sand colored with green laces.  Pair them with a green, camel or earth toned thermal shirt or tee.

13. Gravis Slymz Mid Leather Sneaker $90.00: These medium rise sneaker have a leather upper portion along with leather accents.  They are a light grayish brown all over, and a white and slight aqua blue trim.

14. X Ransom the Valley Sneaker by Adidas $125.00: These are a modern hiking high top inspired sneaker.  They are red with a white trim along the bottom of the shoe.  There is also a sea foam green trim which highlights the bottom layer breaking the red away from the white.


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