13 Dec

Keeping You Updated…..

Samantha Dudhnath

The holidays are inching upon us faster than ever, with lasts minute holiday shopping becoming more than a last minute resort.  There is one question on your mind: What do I get my significant other?  You surely do not want to get him or her something thoughtless or boring. With that thought aside, what do you get?  Here is a holiday list of the best of the best to get your mate this holiday season (without breaking the bank) courtesy of



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  1. I Love You Cartouche Pendant Necklace $20.00: Want to say I love you, but not sure how to?  This pendant features I love you written in Cartouche.  Say those special words in a more creative way that lasts much longer than a few seconds.


  1. Stila Box That Rocks $50.00: When your girlfriend comes over does she spread out all her make-up over your bathroom?  Never again if you get her this make-up case.  It comes with Stila Eye Shadow Trio in Natural, Convertible Color for lips & cheeks in Camellia or Rose, Lip Glaze in Grapefruit and a #7 brush for application.  Not only is this a make-up case, but it is also a portable sound system.  She can attach her MP3 player for a little entertainment while getting ready for your next date.


  1. Lomography Diana F+ Mini Camera with Flash $105.00: Most women love taking photographs.  Whether it is you both sharing in happy memories, or capturing the scenery on your next road trip.  This mini camera fits in the palm of your hand.  It comes with a removable flash and filters and will help you retain your holiday memories for years to come.



  1. Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around LP $19.98: Johnny Cash was amazing, and your boyfriend will surely agree.  These recordings include covers by Hank Williams and the Beatles, as well as originals.


  1. BDG Shrunken Blazer $68.00: What woman does not love a man in a guy in a blazer?  Well, for this great price you can dress up your man’s casual jeans or have him ready for a night out in no time.  Show off your well dressed boyfriend to all your friends and family, and let them think he dressed himself.

  1. Ion Twin Video Dual- Lens Camera $200.00: Want to keep your boyfriend occupied at the next sporting event he drags you to?  Get him this amazing camera that will surely help him capture his favorite players, rather than telling you the game play by play.  He can also record front and rear footage with a quick swap of a finger.

I hope this list from Urban Outfitters will help you choose an amazing gift that will have your boyfriend or girlfriend smiling all through the new year.



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