13 Dec

Art on a budget

You can do it too

Anya Martinez

So, you have just found your dream apartment, and you would like to splash a little of your personality on the walls with some trendy artwork. Trouble is, you just spent you entire bank account paying your rent, the movers, the brokers and the ten million other miscellaneous fees that seem to pop up during a major move…….

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Fear not! It is possible to score eclectic artwork on a budget, unless you know where to look. For the artists or creative minds out there, you can create your own art and mount it on your walls with a couple cheap or even second hand artistic frames. You would definitely be spreading your personality in your new home, it will be one of a kind and you will also have the joy of saying “Oh, I did it myself” when people ask where you got that killer painting. If your landlord is really laid back, they may allow you to paint on the walls and create your one of a kind mural (granted you paint it back to the plain white before you move).


For those less inclined to drawing, or those who do not have enough time to create something for their space, you can score some pretty cheap artwork in places like IKEA and Target. Even Wal-Mart has their share of cool prints for a chic apartment.


If you’d like to go for an even funkier look, you can also find some really interesting and cheap tapestries online, and hang them on you walls. For those more adventurous types, you can create your own tapestries (like tie-dyes using a white sheet) and hang them for everyone to see.

You do not have to settle for blank walls. You can make your apartment chic and trendy without breaking you bank.


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