15 Dec

The Inspirational Leader Of The Underground Sound

This week special feature:

BY: Anya Martinez

Song of the Week:

Bing Crosby’s I’ll be Home for Christmas


To celebrate the holidays, my song pick of the week is “I’ll be home for Christmas”, sung by Bing Crosby on the “White Christmas” soundtrack. “White Christmas” (1954), is still one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time.  This classic film carries some of the most celebrated and well known holiday songs which we all hold dear to our hearts.

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“I’ll be home for Christmas” is a holiday classic that everyone can enjoy. It was written in 1943 by Buck Ram, Kim Gannon and Walter Kent. It was written for a homesick college student.  Its popularity stemmed from the era it was written as it was during a time of war.  It also became the most requested song at shows by the United Service Organization during the war. It is heartfelt and stirring, particularly if you know you will, in fact, be home for Christmas. It is exquisitely bittersweet.


Crosby’s iconic and distinctive voice makes his rendition unforgettable. He slows down the tempo to suit his own liking, and his voice lingers in exactly those places where you need it to. He is accompanied by classic strings and an orchestra that has a jazzy feeling that makes any listener feel completely relaxed and content.


Other worthy classics on the “White Christmas” album include the title track, again sung beautifully by Mr. Crosby, “Snow” and “Sisters”

‘I’ll be home for Christmas” has been performed by many singers over the years, but I have to say Bing Crosby’s version is my favorite. Other renditions that come really close are that of Frank Sinatra, Brian McKnight, Perry Como and of course Barbra Streisand.


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