15 Dec

Evolution of the Man-bags

Samantha Dudhnath

Need a hand?  All of a sudden we have entered the 21st century and you went from just sticking your wallet in your back pocket to having all this stuff.  Now, you’re not sure what to put your manly man stuff in and keep it, well, manly.  Here’s a list of the top gear to keep you looking stylish, keep your stuff in order, and of course keep you looking manly:


1.      Ona The Union Street Messenger Bag $279: So you are a photographer on the go.  Well here is a nifty messenger bag that carries both your camera and your laptop.  There is plenty of room for your lenses, and flash as well.


2.      RO Phantom Backpack $98.00: This modern day backpack is made out of wool, leather, nylon, and mixed metal.  Keep your books and notes in order with this one.


3.      Stüssy Tweed Tote Bag $68.00:  This tote bag is great for keeping your groceries in.  Take a trip to the farmer’s market or Whole Foods, and forget about paper or plastic.


4.      Alpha Day Pack $34: This titanium day pack is great for the fashionable guy.  Instead of a briefcase, carry this one to work instead.  You’ll keep your fashionisto charm alive.


5.      N4E1 – Mens’ The Mulliner II Duffle Bag $140: Taking a trip out of town this weekend?  Try this duffle bag on for size.  It’s nice and roomy, and has a classic look to it.

Now you have a bag for every occasion.  Whether you’re going to school, the grocery store, or to work, you’ll have a manly place for your stuff, and you’ll keep everyone guessing with your new found style.

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