20 Dec


BY FF COLUMNIST: Jennifer Nova

I was introduced to Jiancas lazarus’ s website Through Ray Wong A.K.A Fashion Guru.  When I first saw her work I was amazed at the life in her photos even when not capturing the brightest colors she is able to give any color vibrancy and life.  My first thought was “OOOOH! That is some great photoshoping” but then I leaned forward and looked deeper and thought” this is better than a photo shopped picture it was too natural and raw to be photo shopped” Ray then confirmed that none of her work is photo shopped.

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When you look at jiancas pictures you automatically get the impression you are viewing her photography in prescribed lenses.  Jianca Lazarus captures the real essence of color in whatever scenery she is given and brings to the fourfront the greatness of simply having eyes to enjoy the importance of color the world has to give. Jianca Lazarus has been stamped a leader and just like a real leader she managed to take time out of her busy schedule to tell fourfront’s future photographers and leaders a little about herself. Thanks Jianca!!

(Jennifer) Or Leaders Would love to know who and what inspires you?

(Jianca) Inspiration comes mostly at that very moment, when I am out and about running and gunning around seeing different kinds of lighting, color, shapes, people, land that are there at that specific time. It will get the creative shooting ideas flowing one into the other.

(Jennifer) How did you get started in this business?

( Jianca)   I honestly don’t remember how I started but I do remember my grandmother buying me my first camera when I was 16. She said to me that maybe I would want to shoot like my father did. I didn’t know my father was a photographer.

(Jennifer) What would you say is specifically your edge, signature or specialty that differentiates your work from other photographers?

(Jianca) People tend to say that I find the truth in color. The real red, the real blue. Capturing that moment that wasn’t planned, the true feeling maybe of a person. I am not so great at capturing something that is still basically. The faster the better Ha!

(Jennifer) What Are Some Obstacles in this Industry you have overcome or still trying to overcome?

(Jianca)  It’s not a question of were, the obstacles still exist, especially now that I am moving into a different direction with my photography. People need to know your work, and that’s one of the problems is to get it known. To get your style known, so then people can say when they see your work… wow that’s a Jianca Lazarus!

(Jennifer) What Advice would you give to others trying to make it in this business?


Don’t limit yourself to the rules of photography, but create your own rules. Sit in the dark for hours and ” play with yourself ” a little.

–Jianca Lazarus.


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