20 Dec

This week special feature:

BY: Anya Martinez

Brit-Pop at its best.

Mr. Hudson


Ben Hudson MIldowie, known by his stage name as Mr. Hudson, has a look that is as unique as his voice. His platinum blonde locks and his earnest open face contrast with his unique vocals and signature style. His music is typically a mix of Brit-pop and R&B, more widely known as urban pop……

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Kanye West might be Mr. Hudson’s biggest fan. He says, “I believe Mr. Hudson has the potential to be bigger than me.   He can be one of the most influential artists of his generation.” It’s no surprise that Mr. Hudson has shot to fame after receiving an endorsement from Kanye West. After listening to his first, less widely known album “Tale of Two Cities” Kanye was behind Mr. Hudson 100%. Later, he signed him to his record label G.O.O.D Music.

'mr. hudson-BritPop-kanyewest'

Do not let Mr. Hudson’s penchant for auto tuning fool you, he can actually sing. His voice is both yearning and soulful and reflective of his unique style. Among his influences are Chet Baker, The Police, Ella Fitzgerald and Andre 2000. He uses this wide range of inspiration to create such masterpiece as “Love Never Dies” which has a definite club feel.  He collaborated with Caspa on this track, which is newer version of Caspa’s own track titled “Back for the First Time”

Time”, also on “Straight No Chaser”, is a heartfelt song about the quest for love. Its lyrics are not overly sentimental, but concise and relatable. Hudson says, ‘It’s about not fiddling around, not over-complicating the message, people have got busy lives out there, they don’t want to be bothered by every idea you have squeezed into an album.

Check out “Straight No Chaser” on iTunes.


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