20 Dec

Tech updates for last minute shopping

Samantha Dudhnath

It seems like everyone from young children to the elderly have a reading tablet.  This may seem like an exaggeration, but my two year niece knows how to use an ipad!  Apple’s ipad is not the only one on the market, most networks are coming out with a plethora of new tablets promising to be smaller, faster, more efficient that the one preceding.  The following breaks a few popular models down to the specific need at hand:

  1. H.P. Slate: This tablet came out in October by Hewlett Packard.  It runs on Microsoft Windows 7, and is geared towards business users with a selling price of $800…..

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping

  1. dellstreak_fourfront1602
  1. Dell Streak: The Streak came out in August 2010.  With a five-inch screen, it is a combination of a smart phone and your average tablet.  It operates on the Android system and sells for $550.


  1. Blackberry Playbook: The Playbook will be released in 2011.  Not too much is known about this tablet other than the fact that it has a seven-inch screen, it runs on the Blackberry Tablet Operating System, and will have comparable applications to that of the blackberry phone itself.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab: This is the first real competitor to the iPad.  It runs on Google’s Android 2.2 operating system, has a navigation system, and recognizes voice.  Pricing is around $600.


  1. Apple iPad 2: Through word of mouth, it has been said that the iPad 2 will be ready to order by the end of February 2012.  According to some websites it will be slimmer than the original and feature a dual camera.  Prices will start at $499 depending on the wi-fi or 4G model.

Many of you may not have known that there were this many tablets out there.  The ipad reigns supreme in popularity, however, some of the competitors may suit your specific needs with a slash in price.  Some of the alternatives may have features that the ipad lacks such as a camera with flash.  Whichever you choose, make sure you look into your options beforehand and do your homework to ensure you are making the correct choice to suit your needs.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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