3 Jan


How your wallet can be a pain in the back

Anya Martinez

'1 Spine-Passion-sciatica- BackPain'

Sciatica is caused by compression of the spinal nerve roots that connect to the sciatic nerve. The pain is felt in the lower back, buttocks or the legs and feet. More and more men have been complaining of this severe back pain and, believe it or not, most of the blame can be placed on their wallets. Most men keep their wallets tucked into the back pockets of their pants and, after sitting for a period of time, the wallet begins pressing on the nerves in the back. Over time, this can cause a severe case of sciatica……

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The condition had been dubbed hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy, and affects men who drive with their wallets in their back pocked the most. A doctor’s first recommendation is, of course, is for men to cease keeping their wallets in their back pockets. Try placing your wallet in your jacket pocked instead.

For the more fashionable types out there, you can opt to use the infamous man bag, which comes in countless shapes and sizes, and varying degrees of masculinity.

'2 Kanye_Pharell-Passion-sciatica-Back Pain'

If you simply cannot give up the convenience of having your wallet in your back pocket, try pruning its contents as much as you can. You can even look for those special ultra thin wallets to hold the bare necessities. If you are only interested in having your cash on hand at all times, and your wallet can be placed elsewhere; you can opt to use a money clip, and store it in your front pocket instead.

'3 Money clip-Passion-sciatica- back pain'

The best medicine is pre-emptive. Just keep in mind, your wallet can cause much more pain than it is worth.


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