3 Jan

Winter Running Tips

Don’t fall off the wagon; it’s just a little snow!

Anya Martinez

It is freezing outside, but here are some tips to keep you committed to your running schedule. Maybe you have a 5K coming up, or you just want to keep on track with your New Years resolution. It is possible to keep up with your running regimen in cold weather if you follow these simple tips.

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Most importantly, utilize every running accessory you can. Use running tights and top that can effectively shield you. You want a top and tights that can wick away sweat and moisture from your body. Make sure your clothing is snug, and look for tights that may have an extra lining like flannel. Avoid Lycra and use gloves if you can.

Include a running jacket and few long sleeved shirts for layering, but try not to overdo it. Try to dress as though it is going to be ten degrees warmer than it actually is. Remember running creates and ample amount of body heat and you do not want to be overly warm or sweat excessively. Also, do not forget your head.  A hat will prevent you from losing 40% of your body heat.

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Run during the daytime if possible, this might seem obvious, during the daytime the sun is higher in the sky and it is considerably warmer than night time. If your work hours do not allow for daytime runs, remember to make sure your running gear is reflective so you can be seen by motorists at night.

Do not cut out warming up because it is cold out. In fact, you should spend even more time warming up to prepare for a cold weather run. Also a warm shower and clothes fresh out of the dryer are sure to make you feel nice and warm before you head out into the bitter cold.

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Watch out for frost bite, and pay attention to your respiratory system. Extreme cold conditions can cause chest pain and asthma in some people so weigh the risks and benefits logically. You can opt for a treadmill run instead until the warmer weather approaches.  Just do what is right for you.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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