12 Jan

Keeping You Updated…..

Bare Essentials for the Modern Man or WomanSamantha Dudhnath

There are certain life skills that every man or woman should know. You never know whether you will be stranded somewhere with a flat tire, stuck in the middle of the woods and need a fire, or at a restaurant and someone needs CPR.

Changing a Flat Tire

Materials needed for changing a flat tire:…….

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1. Spare tire
2. Car jack
3. Lug nut wrench
4. Flashlight
5. Flares/emergency warning triangles

How to make a fire

Materials needed to make a fire:

  1. Wood
  2. Matches or a lighter
  3. Rocks
  4. Shovel

How to perform CPR

These skills should be a must in your repertoire.  You should never have to depend on anyone to help you change a flat tire for you when it is such an easy skill to acquire.  Same goes for building a fire.  Learning CPR is a must, and there are many local spots that offer CPR classes.  Everyone should know this because you never know when someone’s life may be at risk.


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