24 Jan

Custom Designs

Design your own apparel

Anya Martinez

'1 nikehomepage-designyourownsneakers-nike'

Everyone likes to be different. We would all like our apparel to reflect our own personal style. If you don’t have any experience in design or fashion, you may have to depend on designers to create your look.  However custom apparel is becoming more and more popular with the advent of customizing applications like the one used by Nike and many other companies online.

NikeID lets you be unique by allowing you to custom design your own sneakers using an online template. It’s simple, and doesn’t involve any complicated tricks. First, visit and choose from the categories listed at the top of the page.

I chose to browse the men’s running sneakers section.  Continue and pick the basic design for your sneaker, you can change the colors later.

'2 sneakeroptions-designyourownsneaker-nike'

After you’ve picked out your sneaker, you can start mixing and matching the colors or you can also just give yourself a blank slate to work with, like I’ve done below.

'3 blanksneaker-designyourwonsneakers-nike'

From then on pick your colors until you’re satisfied.

'4 Finished Sneaker-Designyourownsneaker-nike'

You can still benefit from a Nike sneaker with a superior design, but you can add your own personal touch by trying out the custom sneaker design application available online. Explore and see how many customisation programmes you can find online, then share the love and leave us a comment below!


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