25 Jan


Protect your living space

Mold infestation is a serious problem. Not only can it cause many health problems, it can also cost you thousands of dollars if you’re a homeowner. Mold are fungi that come in thousands of different species. Mold spores travel in the air and only appear visible when their colonies grow.

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Health problems occur when there is an infestation of mold due to mold spores landing on a moist surface. Heath problems range from allergic reactions including asthma and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. If you live in a house or apartment with mold, you are more likely to develop respiratory problems including bronchitis.

In immunocompromised patients, mold spores may grow in living tissue, attaching itself to the respiratory tract, causing systemic fungal infection. Molds also excrete toxic compounds known as mycotoxins, most of which (in high levels) is harmful to humans.

You can prevent mold by:

§        Controlling the humidity levels in your home or apartment, and taking the necessary steps to dehumidify any area where the humidity levels are too high.

§        Clean shower curtains when they show visible signs of mold.

§        Secure basement crawl spaces to prevent moisture and consider waterproofing your basement.

§        Use an air humidifier to control air particulates.

§        A dirty environment is far more conducive to mold problems than a clean environment. Dirt, dust, and grime are often composed of organic material, which is a staple of the mold diet.

§        Keep firewood outdoors. Firewood often has a little mold growth on it before being brought indoors, since it contains nutrients for mold to grow and thrive. This is not a problem if kept outdoors, but the mold growth can really progress if the firewood is kept in contained areas.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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