26 Jan

Avant-garde =  trademark of modernism

By: Samantha Dudhnath


What is avant-garde?  What does it have to do with fashion?  Well, it has a lot to do with fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle.  Avant-garde pushes against the social norms and boundaries that we see on a ‘day to day’ basis.  It explores a different type of beauty then what we are not used to seeing.  Avant-garde is said to be the trademark of modernism.  It is also considered to be anything that is a rebellion ahead of the times.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping

In fashion avant-garde has a definition that many designers define as a mysterious, intriguing, and in some cases intimidating.  Almost everything has an unusual element to it.  Well, unusual to what we’re used to seeing.  When all these pieces (hats, belts, purses, earrings, necklaces, gloves… you name it) are put together, they create an architectural masterpiece.  In the states you don’t see this avant-garde style going around very much if at all.  But take a trip to Tokyo, and the streets are decorated with this enchanting street style.


Some avant-garde fashion designers to look out for include Angy Morton, Ann-Sophie Back, and Guo Pei.  Angy Morton’s makes “bespoke haute coutureclothing.  From, she “offers everything from recycled clothing and quality alterations, to haute couture confections that would grace any red carpet. Her speciality is creating something unique and ‘different’, and she is always challenging that fine line between the street and the catwalk.”  When Ann-Sophie Back was asked by why she chose fashion she simply stated, “I do find fashion the most important art form, you can’t ignore it, everyone has to relate to it whether they like it or not, it is also the most difficult, people buy clothes because they believe they will improve their lives, which is a huge responsibility and at the same time people pretend to be laughing at fashion and say its superficial.”  The New York Times has said this about Guo Pei “Four years ago, she began making collections that were on a scale that equaled, and in some cases surpassed, the technical feats of Paris couture — skirts of fantastic dimension, molded into bell shapes, or cones that rippled like the surface of a shell. Some dresses are inspired by children’s clothes, and on adults the proportions look extreme, an effect she heightens with ridiculously high platform sandals.”

So can you make avant-garde a part of your street style?  Think about little pieces.  Wear an avant-garde inspired hat with your normal outfit.  Try avant-garde eyelashes, because make-up is also avant-garde.


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