27 Jan


By:  Samantha Dudhnath

Looking for anything but the typical Friday night?  Are you tired of doing the norm and heading to your favorite bar?  Why not switch up the routine and try some of these activities at your own place:

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1.      Board Game Night – Whip out the Cranium, Scrabble, and the Game of Life (although that one depresses me a little… you know?  Seeing your life flash by you in an orange car?  Well maybe it is just me then.), and Loaded Questions.  Game night can be so much fun.  If you’re playing Loaded Questions you will learn a lot of stuff about your friends that you never knew before.


2.      Living Room Dance Party – Get a disco ball, or colored lights, and hell why not a fog machine?  How about making it an 80’s themed dance party?  Let your friends dress up as a material girl, or the king of pop circa Thriller.

3.      Movie Night in Your Living Room – Watch a bunch of classics, or see what’s new on Netflix on demand.  Movies never get old, and neither does popcorn.  Oh, and add Goobers to the popcorn, you will thank me later.

4.      Wine and Cheese Party – So this one will take a little effort.  Ask your local wine connoisseur what cheeses go with what wine.

5.      Potluck Party – Have all your friends bring their favorite dishes, and don’t forget the desert.

See, there’s so much more you could be doing then going to the local pub.  Why not try a new activity once a month?  It will be good times all around!


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