1 Feb


Obviously, by now you know that I am into street style from all over the world. To me fashion is a creation of art, and you can get really intricate with it, or not.  You don’t have to be into fashion, but guess what?  Just by wearing your everyday clothes you are in fact into fashion.

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One style that fascinates me is harajuku street style.  You have definitely heard the term harajuku without even knowing it.  Gwen Stefani has made the term famous, but I don’t think she necessarily dresses the part.  So what does a harajuku dresses like?  Here’s a list on the details:


1. When it comes to harajuku, mixing and mismatching is the key here.  Wearing different colors, patterns, and styles is the point.  Lots of layering is also done.  Tank tops over t-shirts, skirts over petticoats… you name it.  As long as you are expressing your individuality you cannot go wrong here.


  1. Variation comes to mind when I think of harajuku.  Gothic Lolita, Japanese Punks, and School Girl gone Gothic/Punk are some of my favorite looks.  A Lolita wears lots of elegant, Victorian fare.  Japanese Punks go into the early 70’s of London punksters.  Lots of out there pieces and over-the-top clothing and accessories makes a Japanese Punk.  A School Girl gone Gothic/Punk is just what it sounds like.  Usually a school girl uniform is worn and accessories define whether you are goth or punk.
  1. Wear what looks good to you.  There’s no right or wrong way to dress harajuku.  Have fun, be funky, and stand out from the crowd.  Obviously harajuku dressing is not for everyone, but if you are interested in it there are many websites on the Internet that you can look at to gain inspiration with my favorite being


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