1 Feb

Lauryn Hill

Miseducated genius

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My artist of the week spotlight will shine on Lauryn Hill who I believe to be a beautiful, gifted and talented woman. Hill’s music has a personal signature that marks it as distinctly hers. She takes ownership of her craft, just as she does her style. We all remember her time with the Fugees, and their hits like Killing Me Softly and “Ready or Not” but it was with her 1998 release of her debut solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” that she made her name unforgettable on the music scene.

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David Browne from Entertainment Weekly gave the album an A rating. He wrote “Easily flowing from singing to rapping, evoking the past while forging a future of her own, Hill has made an album of often-astonishing power, strength, and feeling.” Browne also went on to compliment the album’s limited guest appearances by stating “Miseducation” is “one of the rare hip-hop soul albums without thousands of posse cameos. D’Angelo and Mary J. Blige show up but blend right in”.

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In the 2004 Rolling Stone Album Guide music critic Christian Hoard gave the album 4 ½ out of 5 stars saying, “Hill was always an outstanding rapper, but Miseducation showed her to be a more-than-competent singer . Miseducation managed to filter hip-hop through a womanish lens, resulting in an album that appealed to an improbably wide spectrum of listeners.” Miseducation made Hill a superstar of epic proportions: She earned five Grammys and found herself at the focal point at hip-hop’s crossover into the mainstream.

If you’re one of younger readers and you’ve never listened to “Miseducation”, you should give it a listen. It will change your life.

In December 2010, after a few festival appearances, Hill announced more tour dates for her current intimate North American Tour. Check out to see if she’s headed to your area soon.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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