2 Feb

Chocolate might be good for you

But there’s a catch

By:  Anya Martinez

'1 cadburybar-chocolatemightbegoodforyou-healthcare'

It was a dream come true for chocolate aficionados when they heard the news that chocolate could benefit their health.  In 2004 researches reported that consuming dark chocolate and cocoa improves the function of blood vessels. In a newer study, consumption of cocoa resulted in improved vascular responsiveness in people aged 18-77. It is believed that flavinoids (an antioxidant) in chocolate causes vascular improvement.

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The good news made headlines all over the world and chocolate lovers ate it all up… the chocolate that is. But it seems no one heard the punch line. Flavinoids (the good stuff that improves vascular function) is found in varied contents in chocolate. Firstly, dark chocolate and cocoa both contain much more flavinoids than milk chocolate. Secondly, flavinoid content varies from chocolate bar to chocolate bar, so don’t go snacking on any type of chocolate thinking it’s good for you, because it’s not. Most chocolate bars also have high caloric contents. 100 grams=500 calories. So please don’t make chocolate part of your daily diet, or you’ll be sure to gain at least a pound a week, making nonsense of any attempt to improve vascular health.

'2 cocoa-chocolatemightbegoodforyou-healthcare'

Yes, chocolate might be good for you, but only if you’re chomping down unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate, which I’m sure you’re not.  It’s better that you try to get your antioxidants from healthier choices like fruits and vegetables, instead of packing on the pounds from consuming chocolate. Of course a little indulgence is always good… in moderation.

smalllogo.jpg: Lebron James: 2Pac: Robert Gates: Naacp blasts Tea Party for 'racism': softball: Shopping


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