Luxury Item of the Week: Dalmore Brogue by Lutwyche

16 Dec


Dalmore Brogue by Lutwyche

Fine whisky lovers all over the globe, get ready for your latest acquisition, the Dalmore Lutwyche luxury shoe. The legendary amber spirits brand Dalmore is about to release an aristocratic shoe for its beverage connoisseurs. The Dalmore Lutwyche dress shoe is the emerging product of the innovative collaboration between Dalmore and Lutwyche, Britain’s leading men’s tailor. This historic collaboration marks the first time that an alcohol brand has created a product with another luxury brand. The Dalmore Lutwyche collaboration is scheduled to make its first entrance into the luxury shoe market at Lutwyche’s Clifford Street store in London on October 27th. These bespoke shoes will have the same legacy of custom-fit and utmost comfort renown to Lutwyche’s opulent clientele. This landmark shoe is the very definition of regal. The Dalmore Lutwyche shoe is the latest in cutting-edge technology that blends traditional craftsmanship. Each shoe features the signature Dalmore stag head on the crest and is fashioned from sustainable sourced deerskin for a custom fit. Since deerskin is rare and extremely supple, the shoe has the ability to conform to the unique shape of the foot that wears it.  The retail price of $862 might be a daunting deterrent, but the accompanying perks might be incentive enough. Each shoe is personalized to bear the name of the purchaser and the lucky buyer receives a complimentary bottle of Dalmore’s King Alexander III whiskey worth $235.

By Sharon Osborne



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