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The English Professor

9 Dec


I have to tell you the story of an old school style that has been a revisiting hot trend in fashion. It is also a close relative of the School Boy and the Prepster, but unlike its kin the English Professor is more adult. This trend has a much more gentlemanly vibe. I must say from the prospective of a lady, there is nothing more seductive than a gentleman. I know that most of you have fantasized about being the hot professor who is the object of all his students’ affection. Well now you can at least invoke that dapper sophistication with Ralph Lauren‘s Ruby Tweed Run Collection available on http://www.rugby.com. “Eclectic layers of British inspired tweed, Shetland and corduroy, along with limited edition accessories, capture the spirit of the Tweed Run cycling event.” The Tweed Run is an event where a group of bicyclists ride through the center of London. The cyclists are obliged to sport traditional British attire. If you’re into the Prepster or School Boy, then I recommend trying on the English Professor for the similar style and the unbelievable selection of clothing from the Ruby Tweed Run Collection. I love the Glen Plaid Cambridge Wool Vest, Herringbone and Shetland Elbow Patched Cardigans, twill caps and Ivy League feel ties. Best of all the Ruby Tweed Run Collection is affordable with prices ranging from $39.50 to $898. The design is classic high quality fabric paired with slim modern cuts. This style is   dashing as it is a steadfast classic. Perhaps now you’ll be equally as classy and mesmerizing to the ladies as the hot professor.

Cited Source Ralph Lauren Ruby at www.ruby.com

By Sharon Osborne